About Gulf Capital Bank

Built by Houstonians for Houstonians

When you’ve worked in Houston for decades, you learn a thing or two about what the area’s businesses need in a banking partner. We start with the Gulf Capital Bank cornerstones of hard work, straight talk and smart thinking to make your vision a reality. From there, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Our leaders, J. Downey Bridgwater and Jonathan Homeyer, have decades of experience as commercial banking managers at two of the largest banks in Houston. They’re joined by a board of directors including Ed Jones, George DeMontrond, John Kotts, Dan Tutcher, and David Williams – some of the city’s most celebrated business and civic leaders.

Meet the Team

Executive Team

J. Downey Bridgwater

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Homeyer

President & Chief Lending Officer

Laurence L. Lehman III, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Brenton D. Bellamy

Chief Credit Officer

Nancy Pavlas

Chief Operations and Technology Officer

Jeremy Manning

Chief Information Security Officer

Heather Baker

Chief Compliance & Risk Officer

Craig Baumbach

Director of Human Resources

Susie Peake

Chief of Staff

Board of Directors

J. Downey Bridgwater

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Ed Jones

Founding Chairman & Director

George DeMontrond

Organizer & Director

President and CEO of DeMontrond Automotive Group, Inc.

John Kotts

Organizer & Director

Owner & CEO of Kotts Capital Holdings LLC and its affiliates, Private investor & entrepreneur

Dan Tutcher

Organizer & Director

Managing Director and Portfolio Manager for Brookfield’s Public Securities Group

David Williams

Organizer & Director

Chairman of Centennial Bank in Lubbock, Texas

Relationship Team

Stan Grisham

Senior Relationship Manager

Kristen McLean

Senior Relationship Manager

Scott Odom

Senior Relationship Manager

Ann M. Rhoads

Senior Relationship Manager

Michael Dame

Relationship Manager

Cody Baker

Treasury Management Sales Officer

Branch Operations

Debra Aldrete

Branch Operations Manager

Gigi Lopez

Financial Services Representative

Avril Prosper-Udoh

Financial Services Representative

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